Monday, July 11, 2011

5K Training Begins

Hellooooo blogosphere!! I must first apologize for my EXTREMELY long absence. Please forgive me! I must secondly say that I have absolutely not forgotten about you - I just really have been THAT busy! I've been thinking often about what I would like to write to you, and when it gets down to it, it gets pushed down the to-do list. So, I'm sorry. But I've missed you!!

It's been an interesting couple of months. I've been working seemingly ALL the time. I work at the restaurant 5 days a week, I teach 3 days of week, and I'm at the church 2 days a week. PLUS my gigs, which (thankfully) have been fairly numerous lately! I also went to Bonnaroo, and somehow manage to find time for the boyfriend. Or maybe he's just EXTREMELY nice and puts up with my crazy schedule. :)

I haven't fallen off the wagon, either. I HAVE been working out regularly. However, I haven't been eating all that great. Mostly because I haven't been logging my points very diligently. And I tend not to realize how much I eat - which is what got me into my situation! The plus side is I haven't gained any weight. I weighed in this past week at 190.0. Which is extremely frustrating - I would really like to be in the 180s by now!! But I'm really trying to be diligent this week. I've even gotten a friend to call me in the morning and make sure I go to the gym!

Speaking of the gym, if you read the title of this entry and you know much of anything about me, you must think I'm joking. Well I'm not! I've recently decided to do a 5K in the fall to push me to continue my weight loss and health goals. I've found some running plans online to help me push myself in my runs. I've been running fairly often, but I haven't been doing much different. So today, instead of alternating my running with walking, I alternated a slow jog with a faster run. I use the term 'fast' loosely because I can only run a 12-minute mile. But nonetheless, I'm helping to boost my endurance! I ran for 15 minutes straight today! Despite the fact that I used to HATE running with a passion, I've actually started to really enjoy it. About 2 weeks ago, my car died and I found out I had to replace the engine. I was so stressed out - and my initial instinct (after tears) was to go for a run! I really don't know what I have become - but I like it!!

I have lots more to say, but I must go to bed now! Take care and I hope to be back soon!