Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weigh-in day 14

200.0 GRRRRR! SO close! In 2 weeks, I lost .2 pounds. Now, I haven't been diligent about logging my points OR going to the gym. So, on the upside, I have learned to change my eating habits enough that I can maintain my weight without working out. But, I really wanted to be out of the 200's!

So, hopefully this will motivate me to be a more diligent dieter this week. I think I got used to eating how I ate when I was working out. And now I'm eating about the same amount, but not getting to the gym as often. Which could explain why I haven't been losing weight very quickly lately.

The reason I haven't been getting to the gym is because I am no longer allowed to be on my mom's family gym membership. Apparently, even though I live with her, I'm too old. A month after your 24th birthday, according to Ft. Sanders, I'm officially an adult. Now, my sister is going out of town for the summer for an internship, so I will be able to use her card. But eventually I'm going to have to go gym shopping. My restaurant has a deal with the YMCA downtown where I can be a member there for $49/month. Now, I'm not sure how long I'll be at the restaurant (I like it, I just don't want to be a waitress forever!), but I know I hope to be moving a lot closer to downtown sometime this year. So that might be a possibility. If anyone knows of a cheaper gym, though, let me know!

Despite the fact that I basically maintained my weight the past 2 weeks, I have seen things in the last few weeks that have made me proud. I fit into a size 14 dress for my cousin's wedding. I bought a size medium dress in February that didn't quite fit, but it was the only one because it was at a secondhand store, so I bought it anyway. And I managed to fit into it for Cinco de Mayo! In fact, I had to buy new work pants because mine were so loose. Now, the size 14 jeans are a little tight, but they do fit. All my clothes are fitting better, in fact, and I have the confidence to wear things I didn't before. All around, it's really nice.

As always, thank you for your support!!


  1. I'm pretty sure you can get a Rush membership for less than $49. I know they run specials that are cheaper than that, but I don't know what their standard fee is if you don't get in on a special. Be a little pushy with them about getting you the best rate they can. They can often find something that they didn't originally offer you that may knock a few more bucks off.

  2. I just checked out the the Rush's website. They have a special right now where you can join for a dollar a day with no contract. I'm guessing they just bill you $31(or 28 or 30) per month until you cancel.

  3. Danielle,
    I got a month-to-month membership at L.A. Fitness. (Not sure if they have that out there). It's a box gym, big and corporate... anyways, they charge about $50 a month and I was able to talk them down to $20! My fiance is a trainer, and according to him, you can ALWAYS talk the corporate gyms down. Try!!!