Thursday, December 9, 2010

Weigh-in Day, Dec. 9

I have decided to stop numbering my weigh-in days, because the numbers don't really correspond to anything. Instead, you get a date now.

202.0 GAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. That's a gain of 4.2 pounds. THAT SUCKS. I'm really pissed at myself. All that talk about "I'm losing weight over the holidays! Yay me!" and now this? I was so close to my 5 pounds before the year is out goal! I feel like I have to start over now. And I know the week after Christmas is going to be really hard because I will be on vacation. So basically, I have 2 weeks to kick butt, when I should have had 2 weeks to just try to maintain.

Okay, enough whining. Whining does not solve this problem. Let's try constructive reflecting. Why did this happen?
1) I didn't track as well as I could have. Even when I think I'm eating healthy, I think I eat more calories than I realize if I'm not on top of it. Holding myself accountable is a big key.
2) It's been too cold to run outside, and I don't have a gym membership. Now, this should not on its own cause me to gain weight. I can lose weight without working out. But I forget that I have to eat less when I'm not working out. I think I based a lot of my eating choices this week on the EXPECTATION that I would work out later. But that's never a guarantee - I need to eat well until I work out, and then afterward I can splurge.
3) I've been out drinking a few nights this week. Alcohol is empty calories, AND when I drink, I want to eat bad food.

Okay, so now I know how to fix things. Step one - track. And I'm doing that today.

Thank you guys so much!

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