Monday, December 20, 2010

Mid-Week Update

WHAT? Me posting on a NON weigh-in day? INSANITY!!!!

Just kidding. I just happened to have a few minutes alone with my computer before work. This doesn't happen much, so here I am. :)

I found out that the place I will be vacationing in about a week has a workout room. YESSSS!! This means I have NO excuse not to work out, because I will have pretty much nothing else to do all day. And hopefully it will help me burn some Christmas calories.

As great as this is, I find myself looking at my calendar this week, and I am eating dinner out almost EVERY MEAL other than breakfasts. This is incredibly dangerous. Salads are great, but no one can live on lettuce alone. Not to mention, most restaurants cover their salads in too much cheese, fried meat, bacon, croutons, and fatty dressings. So, the salad is deceptively bad for you. I'm doing my best to make favorable decisions, but it's difficult.

On the upside, I have made some of the Weight Watchers low-fat cookies, which have been delicious. As long as you eat the right portion size (which is the trick, really), they don't put a huge dent in my diet. And I've convinced my Dad to let me make a low-fat breakfast casserole on Christmas day. My family is supportive, for sure, but I think sometimes they just don't understand. Except for my stepdad, who is also on a diet. Go Glenn!! He's been doing a totally different program, but it works for him.

Anyway, this post is just to say - I'm frustrated, but not giving up. We will see what this week will bring! Good luck, healthy ones!

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