Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weigh-in day 8

205.8! 1.3 pounds this week, 12.2 pounds this year, 21.4 since moving back to Knoxville.

Even with this success, I'm feeling REALLY unmotivated. Hence the lack of blogs this week. I stopped logging my points this week on Saturday, and I haven't been to the gym since Thursday. I think it started with a thought that crossed my brain when I was at the gym - if I can lose weight without going to the gym, why go to the gym? I tried to push that thought as far out of my brain as possible, because I know the answer. Going to the gym will not only speed up my weight loss, but it will allow me to eat more per day and increase my lean muscle mass. And yet, here I am. I went to the gym to weight myself (we don't keep scales in the house), and decided I was too tired to put in a good workout. So I came home and ate chips and took a nap.

The more I think about my diet, the more I see it stretching out like a never ending road through the ugliest part of Texas. If I stick to the program and keep losing weight at the rate I am, I won't be at my goal weight until October at the earliest. I still have 55 pounds to lose. I miss . . . . enchiladas. And queso. And cake. So, we'll see how this week goes, I guess. Thanks for reading and all your support.


  1. You shut your big yap! Get off your ass and go work out, woman!! Do you want to go back to your old ways. The ways of only looking forward to UNHEALTHY MEALS during your day? Sitting on your ass all day? Having trouble going up one flight of stairs? F that! This is a lull, but you have to power through it. If I was anywhere near you I'd come smack you and drag your cute butt to the gym! It is a long road, but for most people it's a hell of a lot longer. OCTOBER?! Oh boohoo, you'll be SKINNY in 8 months! That's almost half a year. In little over half a year you will be who you are on the inside, on the outside! Think of all the confidence, cute clothes, and HEALTH you'll have. Even just 4 months from now, imagine how much tinier you'll be! It'll be a whole new, crazy smaller, happier you!

    Power through this. I love you and I know you want this. I wish I could come work out with you NOW! Don't mess up your diet, log your points daily, go work out. It will all be worth it, I promise.

  2. Remember being proud of being honest, not bored eating, fitting into a skirt you hadn't worn in 2 years, listening to your body, sticking with your body flow class? Look at all those things you could be proud of while being on this regimen!!! I also loved hearing how it was changing you on the inside. You are encouraging so many others with your journey, so you HAVE to keep it up. You've gotten yourself started, and if you stop now, the pounds won't keep falling off. You have sped up your metabolism through your workouts, but it will slow down again if you don't continue going to the gym. I say this all as someone who hasn't gone to the gym in at least a year, but I'm trying to be encouraging =)

    Danielley, you've done SO well so far. Hang in there, get past this bump in the road, and get back to the gym! You know you'll feel better for it, regardless of weight loss. Love you and praying for you.

  3. I agree so much with everything that's just been said here, especially Ginny...she hit it right on the head sweetie. I know it's hard and I know you get so unmotivated, but it's been so wonderful to go along on this journey with you while you change not only your body but you're finally changing your outlook on yourself and you're learning to love yourself the way you deserve to be loved. So you had a crap day, you ate some chips, you were lazy and you went and I have had the conversation many times of one day at a can not look toward your goal in october and think it's so far away I can't do it...if you took that mentality with anything we'd never do anything. You do HAVE to keep doing this though, you have finally found the right path and the right regime for you to come out of the dark place that you spent so long in. Don't give it up, and don't give up!!! It is just a bump in the road...I'll be home in 3 weeks to come and work out with you at least once:) I love you so much and I'm so so proud of everything you've done already and everything you're doing. Even being honest with yourself about being did the right thing, reach out to us when you need it, because we're all here cheering you on too. I am and will always be one of your biggest fans!

    I love you!!:)