Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weigh-in day 7!

After a week of being sick and not getting to the gym, AND taking last week off - 207.1! 2.1 pounds down! That makes a total of 19.7 pounds, or 10.9 pounds since the beginning of this year. Woo hoo!!!! I'm feeling great, even though I didn't quite get to the 2.5 pounds I hoped to lose. 2 pounds is a great weekly goal, and that puts me 7.1 pounds away from reaching 200 or less by the end of March. From now to the end of March is actually 5 weeks (my week starts on Wednesday), so that should be very achievable. I'm definitely hopeful!!

Today at the gym I pushed myself to up my running intervals. I've been running 2 laps at the end of my running/walking cardio segment, but during the segment I've been running 1.5 laps. Today, I ran 3 sets of 2 laps, which is alternated between 1.5 laps. That sounds confusing! Basically I did this - 2 laps walking, 2 laps running, 2 walking, 1.5 running, 2 walking, 2 running, 2 walking, 1.5 running, 2 walking, 2 running and 2 walking. Phew!! It was definitely difficult, but I want to push myself to be able to run 5 minutes (2 laps takes me about 1.75 minutes) straight by the end of April. By the end of March I'd like to be running 3 laps intervals. Hopefully with a dedicated gym schedule this will be possible!!!

Let me take this time to say how much I believe in interval cardio training. I read a website that said interval training can burn 9 times as much fat as standard aerobic exercises!!! You can also get more energy and more of a toned look. If you notice on elliptical machines, the "weight loss" program is one variety of interval training. Anything that spikes your heart rate, and then allows your heart to recover is interval training. So I use running and walking, or on the elliptical I up the resistance level. Try to make your intervals as even as possible - 2 minutes of one, 2 minutes of the other. Or longer intervals if you want! My running and walking intervals aren't yet even, but only because I need 2 laps for my heart to recover!! I'm looking forward to getting them even, time-wise. You can check out the webiste for more information!

Because of all this working out, I'm exhausted! I'll write again soon. Thank you!!


  1. AWESOME! Sweet loss of poundage, lady. I was wondering why the elliptical had me do intervals on the weight loss mode. Now it makes sense!

  2. You really make me feel lazy. I wish I had time to work out with you. You could show me some things!