Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Goals for 2011

Hey gang! I just got back from vacation where I ate . . . . oh, everything in sight! haha. I did work out a little bit, and walked a lot. But I still kind of feel like a cow. HOWEVER - it's a new year!! And that means - NEW RESOLUTIONS!

I know that last year at this time I was hoping to be between 150-160 pounds. But, I didn't put a number in my resolutions. I wanted the year to not just be about losing weight, but about living a healthy life. My resolutions looked like this: 1) Live a healthier life and take better care of my mind, body and soul. 2) Be a better friend, especially to those that live far away.

I am healthier. I know I'm a lot more mentally healthy. And I weigh less than this time last year, so I am a little more physically healthy. I would like to say I've been a better friend - but I'm not really the best person to judge that. So - those were good goals for where I was at in my life a year ago. This year, I have new goals.

1) Make working out a habit in my everyday life. (at least 3-4 times per week)
2) Eat more fruits and vegetables.
3) Cook more often/try new recipes. (at least 1-2 times per week)

Okay, so obviously I want to make this year healthier. BUT I want specific things that will help me accomplish that. These changes are meant to be lifestyle changes, not just for this year. If I want to be able to keep the weight off, I have make practical changes to my life. And if I do all these things, I will be healthier.

I also have a short-term goal - to weigh 170 pounds by my birthday, April 5th. I'm not exactly sure what I weigh now - my weigh-in day is tomorrow. But I think that's going to be about 30 pounds that I will have to lose. This WILL NOT be an easy goal to accomplish - it will require a lot of restraint and hard work on my part. But the hope is that this goal will keep me motivated enough to not slack off.

I challenge you to make some goals for this year that help you make healthy long-term changes in your life. But also - make a short-term goal for your weight loss that will keep you working towards a healthier life.

So - today I'm going to research a gym membership. And yesterday I bought yummy fruits and salad to stock my fridge with. And tonight Josh (the boyfriend) and I are cooking dinner! A good start to the year so far. :)

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