Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weigh-in Day, May 5

192.6. Okay - if you read my blog 2 weeks ago, you know I weighed 190.6. BUT then I went back to eating chips AND I went on vacation. I kind of weighed myself last Thursday, although it wasn't at my normal time (which does make a difference), and it said I was at 193.4 or something. So I've actually done MUCH better than I was anticipating. I kind of expected to be around 195 when I got back from Texas. So, not too shabby considering!!

I don't have time to write a lot, but I did want to say this. I wore one of my favorite dresses today, that actually didn't fit right when I bought it. Now, when I wear it, I feel fantastic. Not just because of my dress, but because of how I look in it. I feel strong and confident and gorgeous. Feeling that way, I went to get some dinner and ALMOST ordered chips that I knew I wasn't hungry enough for. And then I thought - why am I wanting to order these? As a reward to myself? Because that reward is only going to work toward counteracting the way I feel right now. And I love the way I feel right now WAY MORE than I love chips. Even chips with salsa. On Cinco de Mayo.

So my challenge to you today, on this gluttonous holiday, to remind yourself of the way you feel when you're fit and thin and healthy. What is worth sacrificing that for?

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