Saturday, January 14, 2012

Every Detail Counts

So, I've talked about setting goals. I've talked about choices. But what about day by day? What do you need to do to start on your way?

Get a plan for yourself. Whatever it is - counting calories, joining a plan like Weight Watchers, an online diet plan, whatever. GET AN EATING PLAN. Most likely, you have gotten to the point that you're at now by not knowing exactly what to eat or how much. It's ok to ask for help and to have help. You will need that for a long while.

Now, once you have a plan - THAT PLAN IS THE LAW. Do NOT break the law. The plan you are on - whatever plan you're on - works ONLY if you stick to it.

Here's how I will apply this plan to my weight loss journey.
Monitor EVERYTHING you eat and drink. I mean everything. Whatever you call it - logging points, counting calories, whatever. Don't cheat yourself by saying "oh, that won't count much." EVERYTHING counts!! Here's an example:
Yesterday for lunch, I had chili. I could have just logged "chili." But who eats just chili without all the delicious parts - sour cream, cheese and crackers!! You have to log ALL of that. Yes, it takes more time. Yes, it seems very nit-picky. But IT MATTERS. For my chili example, it came up to an extra 4 weight watchers points! If I added 4 points to every day, it would probably mean a difference of losing weight or not. That's not ok with me. Those "little" cheats will bite you in the ass. They will be the reason you don't reach your goal on time. Don't let them have power by giving yours away.

Another thing I'm guilty of: I have learned to keep fun-size candy bars in my house when I'm in the mood for something sweet. It keeps me from munching on other things when I just want chocolate. BUT - I have gotten into the habit or not logging those extra 2-4 points that the chocolate bar takes up. And it becomes a landslide - First it's that I forgot to log it. Then it's "Well it didn't matter last time. I just won't log it, it won't matter that much." And then "I don't log them, so why can't I have 2 instead of 1?" It's a slippery slope - DON'T let yourself get to that point! I promise you will see the results if you pay attention to those details.

Try it for a few days. You will see what I mean.

Just a little update on me. Yesterday I ran 3 miles, and today I ran 4. Today was HAAAARRRRD. I had to walk about 6 minutes of the 50-minute workout. I wanted to walk a LOT more than that, but I found something online that I kept repeating to myself. It says "Suck it up, so one day you don't have to suck it in." Suck it up. It hurts now, but it will not kill me. I CAN run another 5 minutes. I CAN push myself. And that's how you get to the goal - doing things that you didn't know you had it in you to do.

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  1. The boy you have been seeing since April is very proud of you and loves you very much!