Friday, January 13, 2012

Starting Over, Yet Again

So it starts again. A new beginning. Getting back on the wagon. Back on the horse. But the question, for me, becomes - How do you get back on the horse after you've intentionally thrown yourself off? Ok, maybe you didn't throw yourself off. Maybe you didn't even want to get off. But you lost your grip, and started to slide. Slowly, so slowly you didn't know you were falling at all. And you gradually slid until you reached the ground. And once you reached the ground, you had been falling so long that you didn't even know you were there. You'd forgotten what riding high felt like, so being low didn't seem so out of place. And then you got a wake up call. (Okay, I'm done with this metaphor now.)

Was it that favorite pair of jeans that are now too tight? Did you get on the scale and discover a number higher than you imagined? Did you go back to the gym after a month or two, expecting to be right where you were before, and find that your body has regressed a little?

Well, all of those things happened to me this month. Yep, all of them. And all of them have happened to me before. Sometimes on a small scale, like recently, and sometimes on a much larger one. And at least one of those things has probably happened to EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER STRUGGLED WITH WEIGHT. This is the first thing you must realize. Yes, it sucks to find that you're not where you want to be. But you're not alone, you're not an alien, you are not different than anyone else who has ever lost weight. It's NOT impossible for you. But, you have a choice to make. You can either 1) let this situation get you so down, that you give up and let it get worse, or 2) make a change in your life, and let it get better.

It's that simple. You choose to change or not. I'm not saying that change will be easy, but whether or not to do it is still your choice. You choose to take the easy route and be miserable in the end, or take the very hard road where you can feel amazing about yourself. And once you make that choice, you're on the right road to choosing a different life. And that road is made up of choices. Some easy, some difficult, some that make a huge difference immediately, and some that you don't see the results of for a long while. But all of them are choices that are in your control. I've said this before, and I'll say it again - Successful weight loss is only choices. THAT'S ALL. You choose to go to the gym. You choose to eat a salad. You choose not to get dessert. YOU choose.

When I'm having a hard time, and I want to get eat something I know I shouldn't, I tell myself "One choice at a time." The word "diet" is often scary because people imagine months and months of deprivation and sweat. But diets don't seem so daunting when it's only one choice at once. And if you make good choices, you WILL succeed.

More to come soon. Only one day back from my blogging hiatus, and I'm already feeling the love from you all! Thank you for all the inspiration you give me with every new post. Right now, I'm choosing to go to the gym. :)

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