Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recap - written in July of 2011

I mentioned in my last post that the last 2 months have been crazy. But I haven't forgotten about my goals. Since the year's about half over, I'm going to

Goal #1 - Make working out a priority, about 3-4 times per week.
Despite my ups and downs, going to the gym has become part of my routine. It's not always 3-4 times a week, but I do some sort of physical activity every week. Never in my life have I consistently been in a gym for 6 months straight. I actually recognize the staff members - and they recognize me!! It's a very bizarre feeling, but in a way, completely wonderful. And now with my 5K training, I'm very excited about all the gym-going that I'm going to be doing in the next few months!

Goal #2 - Eat more fruits and vegetables.
When I'm busy, it's hard to get to the grocery store to get fresh fruits. But I do my best to keep fruit in my fridge at all times. I used to buy fruit and it would go bad before I got a chance to eat it. But I very rarely have that happen now! I make it a point to have fruit with my breakfast, and I often eat it as a snack during the day. I used to keep lots of salad in my fridge, too, but when I started working at the restaurant, I didn't need to anymore. I get free lunch there (thanks John and Laura!), and I make myself a salad everyday. I do buy vegetables A LOT more than I used to. I often use them for dips like cheese, hummus or guacamole, instead of chips. So, I might not get 3-5 servings every single day, but I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables than I used to!

Goal #3 - Cook more often.
This is where I suffer a tiny bit. I do cook, and I found that I actually enjoy it. But since I started working at the restaurant a lot, I haven't had a lot of time to plan meals. When I was still cooking and working at the restaurant, my leftovers would go bad because I didn't eat them fast enough. I suppose I could cut my recipes in half and cook less. Which is something I will consider for the future. But, the important thing is that I have discovered I CAN cook, and I don't hate it!! So that's a big step.

I also mentioned in my last post that I weighed in 190.0. My post in May was 191.2. Now, I have stopped using my bathroom scale as my "official" scale because I don't really trust it. If it moves even an INCH, the weight changes. One day, I got on the scale 3 different times, and it read 3 different weights with a difference of 4 pounds. So, I have officially switched to my gym scale, which was usually a higher weight than my bathroom scale. So this does not necessarily reflect my actual weight loss.

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