Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome Back!

Welcome back, both to readers and to myself!! It's been far too long since I was here, I know! But I am kicking off 2012 with a new motto, a new blog layout, and a new attitude. Here's me, today:

What has happened to me since my last post in July, I'm sure you're wondering. I could list a lot of excuses as to why I haven't been blogging. I have, in truth, been very busy with work and social life. The boy I met last April and I are still together, and he takes up a good bit of my time as well, although I don't mind! :) So for awhile, those were the reasons. And then I got out of the habit. And then I wasn't losing weight (accountability, people!!) so I didn't have anything to say, or at least not anything I was proud of. And that has circled me back to the same spot I was in a year ago - I still want to reshape my body and my life. Even though I have made big changes in my habits, I'm STILL not where I want to be. Even though I'm no longer considered "obese," my heart is healthier, I'm more muscular and I make better choices, I'm STILL NOT WHERE I WANT TO BE.

Let's recap, though, on how things are a tiny bit different than last year. Here were my fitness goals for 2011:
1. Eat more fruits and vegetables. (3-5 servings per day)
2. Run a mile without stopping.
3. Make working out a routine. (3-5 times per week)
4. Cook more often. (1-2 times per week)

The first question is: have I accomplished these goals?
1. I have succeeded in eating more fruits and vegetables. Granted, I do not reach the suggested amount every single day, but most days I do. I usually have fruit for breakfast and a salad for lunch, which covers at least 3 servings. And dinner varies, based on my diet dedication that day, but for the most part I have at least one servings of veggies at dinner. So, I have significantly increased my "real food" intake by eating more fruits and vegetables. Plus, my high grocery bills can prove it. :)
2. I did indeed accomplish my goal of running a mile without stopping, in May of 2011. And then, I went SIGNIFICANTLY further. I ran TWO 5Ks in 2011, one at a time of 36.02 minutes, and the other at a time of 33.17 minutes. That's less than an 11-minute mile on that last one, which is pretty decent running pace, especially for someone of my size. I ran as far as 4 miles without stopping, and as far as 6 miles with walking breaks. I can officially call myself not only a runner, but a racer.
3. This one is the only one that I haven't completely achieved. I did very well about working out from January until about October, when my 5ks were over. I knew people at the gym, the staff recognized me, I had personal trainers, etc. I was doing well. Then it was more like 2-3 days, then 1-2, and then in December I might have worked out twice in the entire month. But, as you know if you've ever battled weight, these lulls will happen in the journey. I hate that I slacked off for THAT long, but it's all about being able to pick yourself up and get back on the horse. And in my case, that horse is a treadmill.
4. This is the worst of the 4. I have strayed from cooking much at all in the last few months, which could be a reason that I haven't lost much weight lately. It's hard to monitor your calories when you don't know exactly what was put in the food. But it's hard to cook when you get home from work every night at 7:30 or later! It will be something to work on.

Next question: where has this year brought me? I have lost 1 dress/pant size. I started 2011 as a size 16 and I am officially a 14 right now. I started off January at 205.2 pounds, and I weigh 186.6 as of this morning. I got down to as low as 182 this year. So I guess you could say I lost 23.2 pounds and gained 4.6 back, mostly in the month of December where I slacked.

The most important question: Where do I want 2012 to take me?
1. Get to a size 8. Whatever weight that might be.
2. Run a half-marathon.
3. Cook 1-2 times per week.
4. Keep doing all the other stuff I was already doing!

Let me elaborate:
A size 8 is the smallest I have ever been in my adult life. It was also the happiest I have ever been. I want to get there, and be able to stay there. I don't care how much I might weight then, because I know that based on my BMI, the number might vary even though I'm the same size. But that's my ultimate goal for myself.

The half-marathon. This is something I want to say I have accomplished once in my life. I also know it will help me reach my size goal. And even though it will be difficult, and the training will often not be fun, I really really want to do this. I think it's a true measure of a fit person.

Cooking! This is a necessity. I will NEVER reach or maintain a healthy weight if I don't start cooking more often. I've gotten to a place where I'm very good about eating a healthy breakfast and lunch. And then dinner rolls around, and if I don't have healthy leftovers in the fridge, I eat whatever is in sight and delicious. Which usually means eating things I don't need and much more than I need to. I HAVE to start planning ahead and setting myself up for success.

Last but not least, I do not want my goals for 2012 to get in the way of the goals I reached in 2011. I am calling them goals and NOT resolutions, because these are not things I want to change just for this year. These are things that I want to keep in place for my entire life. So, one of my goals is to keep up my old habits and add new ones!!

This journey will never end - so I hope that you won't get tired of reading about it. :) Much love to you all!

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