Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm doing my best to update more than once a week, when I have things to write about. I certainly don't want this blog to be boring. But lots has been going on lately!

This week I tried 2 different classes at my new gym. The first one, on Saturday, was a step class. HO-LY CRAP! It COMPLETELY kicked my butt. I burned over 800 calories in an hour!! And I wasn't even doing everything the instructor was doing! It was really fun, but very hard work. The class has 10 different songs in it, and each song has a different theme. For example, one of the themes was "Step Strong" - where we basically did squats and lunges for the entire length of the song. My legs were like jello. One was "Step Agility" where we focused on light footwork. One was "Step Up" where we got our heart rates up really high. Well, everyone else did. Mine was already pretty freaking high! The instructor was funny and there were a lot of first-timers in the class along with me, so I didn't feel like a complete idiot. I'm definitely going to try to keep going to that class! Even once I get used to it, there's a lot more high-intensity steps I can add that I left out this time because I felt like I might collapse. That makes the class sound like it was a downer, but it was still fun. Despite the exhaustion.

The 2nd class I went to this morning, and it was a circuit training class. Basically, they try to work every muscle group in 30-40 minute period. My trainer suggested that I try this class, and she (the fitness professional) said, "You get a really good workout." Okay - when someone who works out for a living tells you that a class is going to give you a good workout, they're not kidding. We started with running a couple of laps around the room and some light stretches. Then we basically shuffled our way through 16 stations - each one different and working different muscles. One minute per station. The stations included: prone cobra, tricep extensions, mountain climbers, spider climbers (like mountain climbers but you put your feet to the side to work your hip muscles), bicycle crunches, regular crunches, plank position, deltoid raises, bicep curls, 2 stations of pushups, running and squat thrusts. I know I'm misisng some, and some are too complicated to explain without demonstration. JEEZ. This class didn't get my heart rate up QUITE as much as the step class, but EVERY MUSCLE in my body is sore. I can see why my trainer wanted me to go - it really is toning for your whole body. This class wasn't as much fun - it felt more like work. And I felt a little more out of place because I couldn't keep up with everybody in the class, even though there were some first timers in there with me. There were even a couple of 60 year old women who were kicking my butt (obviously not first timers, but still). I know it's a class that I SHOULD take again . . . . but maybe after I work with my trainer a little more. I'm not sure though - I'll talk to her about it Wednesday. As competitive as I am, its hard to see people doing something better than me. In the step class, I at least felt good that I could catch on to the steps pretty quickly.

Tomorrow - Zumba!! I'm super excited to try this - I've only heard good things from everyone that has taken it. I will let you know how it goes!

PS to anyone who reads this in the Knoxville area - I can bring a guest at no charge every time I go to the gym. So, if you ever want to try a class with me, just let me know!! Thanks, guys!

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