Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weigh-in Day, Jan. 20

203.0 - a loss of 2.2 pounds this week.

I am . . . . content with this number. To be honest, I was hoping for between 3-5 pounds because I've been working out SO much and really eating well. But, I can't really complain either. 2.2 pounds is a good number for this week. If I keep doing that, I'll be well on my way to a healthy weight.

I've been thinking a lot about my "170 by April 5th" goal - I think it's unachieveable. Even if I lost 2 pounds a week until then, I would only be at 181 pounds. I don't want to disappoint myself because I chose a goal that was impossible. So - I have a new goal. A perfectly achieveable one, if I stick to my guns. To weigh 160 lbs. by the end of June. That's 2 pounds a week with a 2 week cushion. 160 pounds is 10 pounds more than I weighed in high school, and once I get there, I can reevaluate and decide if it is healthy/possible for me to weigh less than that as an adult. For those of you out there who have set goals for yourself - make sure they are possible and healthy. Remember that it's more important to lose in a healthy way (so you can keep it off) than it is to crash diet just so you're ready for a specific event. As MUCH as I'd like to be at my goal weight by my birthday, I'd have to almost starve myself to get there. And I like food. :) So I'll just have to take it step by step.

So, more about my week. Yesterday, I met with a personal trainer at my gym. I got 3 free sessions when I signed up last week. She was nice, but not too much. By that I mean, not so nice that I feel like I can slack, but nice enough that I don't feel uncomfortable around her. We talked about goals, things I wanted to work on, and she took some measurements. ICK - I hate that. But, it is another way to show progress other than a number on the scale. She said we would take measurements again in 2 weeks to see how I've progressed. I told her I really wanted to tone my arms - I've always felt self-conscious about them. I also want to be able to run at least a mile without feeling like I will die. I think the last time I ran a mile was 8th grade gym class and that was only because they made me. Also, I've noticed that the people's bodies who I admire are usually runners of some caliber. So I'm going to try to force myself to enjoy running. After the measurements, we did a short workout. We did a lot of core-specific workouts - crunches of varying difficulty, back strengthening exercises and a glute exercise, too. We also did some "baseline tests" to measure my improvement by. We did a front plank test - that's the one that you lay on your forearms and toes and hold your body up for as long as possible. I HATE that dang thing. But I held it for 35 seconds. We did a push-up test - how many I could do in a minute. I did 7 regular push-ups and 20 girl push-ups in a minute. We also did a squat test to see how many I could do in a minute - I don't remember how many of those I did. But she did say I had nice squat form! She had me warm-up on a rowing machine - great way to get cardio and work your arms, ladies. And we did a little running practice at the end. She also commented on the fact that my running form looked good. It's nice to get compliments from someone who is a fitness professional.

I am SO sore today!!! My shoulders and chest are particularly sore from those push-ups, but my abs are sore too. It's nice to do exercises that aren't machine based - that can get pretty boring. She said we would mostly be doing multi-muscle group activities like that, instead of just machines that target one muscle. I'm actually excited to learn some new exercises. All the stuff she had me do yesterday I can do at home, as well. I meet with her again tomorrow.

Alright friends - have a great week! Remember what you are working for - not just a number on the scale, but a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. A lifestyle that will enable you to do whatever you want to do.

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