Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Week

Hello blogging nation! Just a little mid-week check-in. This week has been a tiny bit of a rollercoaster. Thursday (when my weigh-in is, an thus my weight loss week begins) and Friday I was VERY strict and stuck only to my daily points. Saturday was basically a girls day - I went out to lunch with one set of girlfriends and out to dinner (and many drinks) with another set of girlfriends. Eating out is difficult, plus there were drinks involved. It was not the most diet-friendly day, and I didn't exactly make the best choices either. Sunday was much the same - brunch with girlfriends, then wine night with more girlfriends. (Can I just mention that I have the most AMAZING friends on the planet? Ok. :) ) Also not a very diet - friendly day.

Yesterday was a snow day here in Knoxville because there was more than 2 specs of snow on the ground. Which meant I had ALLLLLLLLL day to sit around and snack. I don't have a lot of unhealthy food in the house, but anything in excess is unhealthy. Around 4pm I started feeling guilty and decided to set up the Wii Fit that I got for Christmas so I could at least be active if I was also going to eat. I played with that for like an hour and a half, and then the boyfriend and I went out to dinner. When we came back, we decided to play with another Wii game I got for Christmas - Just Dance 2. Okay, #1 - it's super fun. #2 - I am SORE today! Mostly my arms, but still!! It definitely gets your heart rate up, and until I get to go research gyms, it's going to be the way that I work out.

I have 2 more days of my week left, and I am determined to be strict so I can at least lose something this week, despite my weekend escapades. And I'm definitely working out again today!! Little by little it WILL happen. Love you guys!

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