Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weigh-in Day, Jan. 13

205.2. AGAIN. I didn't lose or gain anything this week. This is so frustrating.

After all my talk about how I "changed my lifestyle" and "changed my eating habits" and all that BS - obviously I didn't do that well, because here I am again. I even worked out the last 3 days for like an hour and a half per day! GRRRRR.

I think I know where most of the problem stemmed from. It's two-fold: #1 - too much alcohol. I just went out too often this week and had too much fun when I did. Alcohol makes you retain water, and at least where I'm concerned, makes me eat badly and much too late. #2 - late night snacking. Even when I haven't had drinks that day, I like to eat late. I do very well most days until about 8pm, and then it's just a mess. Like last night, I ate about 25 holiday shortbread cookies.

The big problem I run into at night is that I have to take medicine at about 11pm, and I'm supposed to take it with food. I COULD make a smart decision or at least limit my serving size, but I usually just allow that to be an open door for eating badly.

Anyway - back to the grindstone this week. I'm not going to let one mediocre week get in my way. Yesterday I finally got a gym membership! And I went to work out there today for the first time - it's nice! I'm looking forward to getting involved in their classes. I also got 3 free personal training sessions which I'm looking forward to! I'll let you all know how it goes!

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