Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weigh-in Day, April 7

194.4. I gained 2 pounds over my Birthday week. So, that sucks. But I kind of expected it. The same thing happened when I went on vacation - I had gained weight when I got back, and then I lost it the next week. So, back to the routine!!

This morning I took a yoga/pilates class which was AWESOME! It has been so long since I've taken one. If you were reading these last year, I was taking a class called "Body Flow" that blends yoga, pilates and tai chi. But when I lost my membership at my old gym, I couldn't go anymore. And I've been wanting to try this class (called Rush Centergy) since I joined The Rush, but they don't offer it at the most convenient times for me. Often it's at 8:30am!!! Anyway, usually they don't offer them on Saturdays, but today they were releasing a new class so they had a special thing going on. And I tell you what - I have DEFINITELY gotten stronger, more flexible, and more capable. I could do stuff today that I couldn't do a year ago! That was very cool to see. I mean, it still wasn't easy, but I COULD do it. And I didn't feel out of place in the class, which was a big plus.

I have a friend who is nervous about going to classes by herself. I imagine that this is not an uncommon fear. Since I take a fair amount of them, let me go ahead and put any nervousness to rest. The classes are so hard - NO ONE IS LOOKING AT YOU. Everyone is concentrating on doing the moves correctly. Not to mention, classes are great ways to challenge yourself and push yourself harder than you would on your own. And this is for girls especially - if you can find a class that helps you weight train, TAKE IT! I know that it seems scary, but toning is just as important as cardio! In fact, you can still keep your heart rate up while weight training so you can accomplish both at the same time! That's why I've dropped so many inches. I can push myself when I'm running, but I find it easy to slack off on weight training when I don't have a class or my trainer. In fact, when I run out of training sessions (I only have 3 left), I plan on dedicating myself to classes instead.

I was not very diligent about logging my food this week, so I can't update you on my fruits and vegetable intake. But as far as working out goes, I worked out 3 days last week. Not as many as usual, but it was birthday week. I also made a yummy chicken and bean quesadilla on Monday night. And this week I'm back to logging every day!

Thanks for reading guys! More updates soon!

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