Friday, April 22, 2011

What A Day!

Today was my last session with my trainer, at least until I win the lottery or come into money some other way. I'm really going to miss working out with her! She has helped me SO MUCH. Not just losing weight, but learning HOW to weight train and WHY it's so important. I did things today that 3 months ago I would have thought impossible. She had me doing jumps from the ground onto the squishy side of a bosu ball which was sitting on a 6" tall pad. So jumping about a foot in the air and landing on a non-stable surface. And I did it A LOT! Also - we did step ups with an overhead press. And the step I was stepping onto? Was about a foot and a half high. Interestingly enough, I used to HATE step-ups on that bench because they were so hard. But today, the overhead presses were harder! My legs are so much stronger!

I can even provide proof. My first training session was January 19. Here were my measurements that day -
Weight 205.0 lbs
Body Fat % - 36.6%
Chest - 41.75 in.
Right Arm - 13.5 in.
Waist - 41 in.
Hips - 45.25 in.
Butt - 48 in.
Right Thigh - 28 in.
Right Calf - 17.5 in.

Here were my measurements today, April 22 -
Weight 192.8 lbs (If you were reading yesterday, this was on a different scale.)
Body Fat % - 33.7%
Chest - 39.75 in.
Right Arm - 13.25 in.
Waist - 39.25 in.
Hips - 42.5 in.
Butt - 45 in.
Right Thigh -26.25 in.
Right Calf - 17.5 in.

Here's what all that means. in 3 months, I have lost:
12.2 pounds
2.9% of body fat
2 inches from my chest
0.25 inch from my arms
1.75 inches from my waist
3 inches from my hips
3 inches from my butt
1.75 inches from my thighs

That's almost 12 INCHES all together! And even better - today I was able to put on jeans that I haven't worn since 2008. That's a better result than anything else. :)

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