Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Clean Eating - Day 16

Greetings everyone!

So, in the last two days, despite my will power over the weekend, I have noticed my resolve weakening. Perhaps it's because I am nearing the end of this challenge and I'm starting to imagine all the foods I will soon be able to eat again. (Ryan and I have already planned a celebratory sushi dinner for Monday night. Not completely unhealthy, but also outside our current diet restrictions. There will also be wine!) I have NOT cheated. But I've certainly wanted to, and I know that this weekend will probably be the hardest days of the entire challenge. So close to the end but not quite there yet! I'm focusing on the results I've already seen AND how great I feel to keep myself in check.

On the upside, I've certainly noticed a change in the way my clothes fit. Things that we uncomfortable to wear before are being comfortable again. What a great incentive to keep up the good work! I love clothes, I have way too many, and a large percentage of them don't even fit right now. So knowing that this work will soon put me closer to fitting in to those clothes is keeping me a little sane.

7:00am - Wake up

7:15-7:35am - Yoga (see the workout on Youtube here: )

7:45am - Chocolate Banana Coffee Shake

12:00am - Grilled Flank Steak, seasoned to taste. Over salad with spinach, onions, tomatoes and leftover sauteed zucchini and squash from the night before (see day 15 post for recipe). Homemade olive oil and lemon dressing. Iced tea sweetened with stevia.

5:00pm - Naval orange and almonds. Water.

7:30pm - Grilled salmon seasoned to taste. Grilled asparagus with olive oil and lemon seasoning. Water.

10:00pm - Organic blue corn tortilla chips. Salsa. Water.

I also walked to the bus today and took my usual lunchtime walk. The yoga was a nice kickstart to my day, helping to stretch out my sore muscles and get me awake for the day. This routine might have been short, but it certainly was challenging. If you're looking to try yoga, there are about a million youtube videos you can test out. It's a great workout to do at home if you don't have anywhere else to workout! Or check out a local yoga studio in your area - Groupon and Livingsocial usually have a good deal somewhere nearby!

That's all for today, friends. Only a few days left of this challenge, but you can bet I won't stop posting! Love, health and harmony to you!

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