Monday, November 25, 2013

Clean Eating - Day 21!!!

Hello everyone! It's the last day! I honestly can't believe it!!

For those of you awaiting results, they are coming tomorrow. So please check back to see how things have changed over the last 21 days!

Things that this challenge has taught me:

1. My willpower is a lot stronger than I give it credit for.
2. Saying no to food that other people bring you IS possible, and if you explain, their feelings will not be hurt.
3. Just because I may crave alcohol or food to de-stress or emotionally unwind does not mean it's the only option. It's also FAR from the best option.
4. Eating healthy food means feeling healthy. Period.
5. Eating healthy food does not mean being bored with the food you eat.
6. I have a great support system from all over the country around me at all times.
7. I am physically strong even if I'm not in my best shape.
8. I am proud of where I am, despite that I am not in my best shape.
9. I enjoy helping make other people physically strong.
10. Food CAN change your body all by itself.

I want to explain that last sentence a little more. Though I enjoy working out (most of the time), it doesn't take gym visits to change your body and your life. It CAN happen with just food alone. (See my 1st week's progress if you have doubts.) I never fully believed that would work for me. But it was my head that was getting in my way. I wasn't willing to say no to food that I liked because I thought, "I deserve that." Sometimes, you do deserve a treat. But be careful - that's a slippery slope. First it's occasionally, and then you realize you're eating that unhealthy thing every day. If you keep your willpower strong, food alone can change your body. Set HARD LIMITS for yourself when it comes to "cheating" (though I don't really like that word). And ESPECIALLY if you can't get to the gym, be as strong as you can with your diet.

Here's the hard limits I'm setting for myself: Starting in December, I'm planning to follow this plan 6 days out of the week. I will have 1 "cheat day" each week where I can stray from the diet if I want to. This will last until I go home for Christmas. While there, I will try to eat as well as I can, but I won't go hungry. Then, starting in January, it's back to the 6-day a week plan. I feel like this is a reasonable expectation of myself. It allows me some freedom, without depriving me completely. It's really great to know that I CAN go 3 weeks without any unhealthy foods, but it's unrealistic to think I'll be able to do that all the time.

Also, as we head into the holiday season, have a plan for yourself. Plan to workout if you know food control will be difficult. Or plan yourself food "cheat days' for things like holiday parties or family dinners. And remember, even on those cheat days, food is nothing but fuel for your body. You're not hanging out with your family to eat - you are eating while having quality time with your family. Don't confuse the importance of those two things!

Alright, here's the food log for the LAST DAY!

6:50am - Wake-up

7:30am - Apple Cinnamon Protein Shake

11:30am - Carrot chips. Grandma's Hummus. Grapes. Water.

2:00-3:30pm - Nap (Because it was cold, rainy, and I could)

4:30pm - Homemade Cucumber Chips. Water.

7:30pm - New York Strip steak, seasoned to taste. Roasted Brussels sprouts. Tortilla chips. Sparkling water.

11:45pm - Bedtime!

That's it!! Thank you all for following me through this challenge! I can't wait to see the results! Love, health, and harmony to you all.

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