Monday, February 22, 2010

Bored Eating

Today I'm proud of NOT bored eating. Monday is my sleep in day - I don't have to work until 3:30. Usually I go to the gym, but I'm still not 100% over my sickness, and I didn't want to push it. I do fully intend to go tomorrow. So I woke up around 10, and just kind of vegged for most of the morning/early afternoon. Usually, I would want to munch on chips or popcorn or something, but I didn't! I had my breakfast, and 3 1/2 hours later I had lunch. The thing to do is keep busy, for me.

I have a HUGE problem with eating when I'm bored. I've found some snacks that allow me to do this, but still, anything can be bad if you're not paying attention to how much you're eating. Snacks I pull out when I know I only want to eat because I'm bored - any fruit that's eaten in pieces like grapes or oranges, 94% fat free popcorn made by Orville Redenbacher's and baked chips (still have to watch portion sizes, but they're better than regular chips). I find popcorn is the best for me - satisfies that salty craving and I get to eat a lot of it! Notice - this is not movie theater butter popcorn, it's low-fat popcorn! It still has flavor, a little salt and fake butter, and I think it's yummy.

No matter what I find to eat, I think I will struggle with bored eating my entire life. Even if I know I'm not hungry, I just have a desire to eat something. My mom used to call me out on it when I was a teenager. I think it's just part of my upbringing, or a habit that I might always have to fight. I wish I could say that I know I can break the habit, but I'm content now to say that I'm working towards decreasing the effect the habit has on my weight. I'm aware that it's a problem, and I'm eating healthier things when I have the urge. For now, that'll do.

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