Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Still Chugging Along

Hello again! Sorry for being crappy at blogging this week. I have 2 excuses - #1 it's been a crazy week with snow and going out of town for a gig, #2 I've been lazy. :) First - at my weigh-in last week I only lost 0.3 pounds. Or pound. I'd been working out really hard and felt like I was making good food decisions, so it was kind of a slap in the face. I think it might have been influenced by 2 factors - I overestimated my daily activity level (how many calories you burn from day to day), or I'm overestimating my portion sizes on things like . . . chips. I can burn through a bag of chips no problem. So, to counteract, this week I changed my daily points back to 28, when a couple weeks ago I upped it to 30 because I thought I'd be burning a few more calories at the restaurant. And I've tried to keep a better eye on how many chips I've been eating. Although my hope is that by lowering my daily points value, it will even itself out and allow me to lose more weight this week. We'll see tomorrow!

But I'm still dieting away! The snow this weekend left me homebound and threw off my workout schedule. I had a fit test scheduled for Saturday, but being that the roads were a bit icy I had to miss it. And since then I've just been lazy and unmotivated. Even though I've stuck to my points this week, I've been feeling kind of down about the whole diet situation. Maybe it's because I haven't had the high endorphins (I just had to spell check that, just so everyone knows) of working out, or maybe it's because I basically sat around all day Friday and Saturday since the city of Knoxville completely shut down. Either way I've just been feeling sort of bummed out. Even though I've made good choices, I've felt guilty. It's very bizarre.

Last night we went out for my stepdad's birthday to this fantastic pizza place (Big Ed's, for you Knoxvillians). ALL they serve is pizza. Well, and beer. Great combination for people on a diet. But I limited myself to 2 1/2 small pieces of plain cheese pizza, and 2 glasses of Michelob Ultra, which is almost the lightest beer you can get. And when we got home, I didn't have a piece of cake. But I was just sitting there watching all my family eating and drinking as much as they wanted, and it really frustrated me. My sister's always been naturally thinner than me (though not to discount her work ethic - she is better at going to the gym than I am, too), and my mom works out like a fiend so she's always been slim for her frame. Now, the rest of the table was full of boys, who can basically eat 3000 calories a day, and then lose 10 pounds in a week if they want to. So I'm not even going to go into how unfair THAT is. But just watching the women in my family, I started to feel guilty that I let myself get to this point. That I, somehow, was dealt the unfair gene which causes me to adore delicious but horrible-for-you foods and not really enjoy working out. That I got the short end of the stick, and didn't handle it well. And ended up the fat one. And this isn't limited to family members. I sang at a concert Sunday night and couldn't help thinking the same thing about all the other girls my age. I couldn't let a song go by without taking a second to think, "God, I wish I looked like her. What's wrong with me?" And usually music can carry me away to a place where things like weight or social status don't exist. But the diet and weight thing has been such a huge part of my life lately, that it seems to be on my mind constantly. Which can be frustrating. Some days I just want to have french fries without having to weigh out the pros and cons of eating them. Do I have time to go to the gym today? How many of my weekly points am I willing to spend? Goodness, that cupcake looks delicious. I wonder how many points it is . . . and so it continues, every hour of the day.

I've been on a diet enough times in my life to know that it has significant ups and downs. Some weeks I feel great, and only lose .5 pound(s), and some weeks I feel like I didn't do well and lose 2. But it sure would be nice if I could continue to feel great and motivated, even if I'm not losing as much weight as I'd like per week. There's a big difference between dieting while being happy about it and dieting while you dread the approach of every meal because you know that you're not going to eat what you'd really like to eat. Writing this helps - it's one of the reasons that I started blogging. I can say that I'm proud of myself this week for sticking to the diet even though I've felt icky and haven't been able to work out much. I am going to the gym tonight - it's Body Flow class day! That class always makes me feel better. Even though almost all the people in there are thinner than me, I'm totally keeping up with them. See? My competitive nature is good for something!!!

Thanks for stopping by and always holding me accountable! And a special thank you to people who ask me how the diet's going when I haven't posted in awhile!

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  1. I'm getting pretty frustrated too. I'm sticking around 177, even though I've been going to the gym 3 days a week for the past few weeks. I haven't even eaten any of the activity points I've been earning on a week-to-week basis.

    I think maybe I'm consistently underestimating my serving sizes. I'm thinking about slipping a cup-measure into my purse so I can figure things out better in the cafeteria, but I know I'm going to feel really weird when I whip it out and compare the things on my plate. I'm also going to start "adding" butter to my weight tracker, because I'm sure Bruce is fudging their fat and calorie info.

    I filled out a survey for a psychology class about women's physical and mental health, and they had all these questions like "How often do you think about food?" "Do you think about calories when you eat?" "Are you restricting your diet in some way?" And I didn't have the opportunity to say "I'm on Weight Watchers and I'm being pretty healthy about this dieting thing, and I swear I don't have an eating disorder!" in the survey