Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One More Thing . . .

Almost forgot! In honor of The Biggest Loser, if you are planning on losing weight this year, PLEASE go to www.pfpchallenge.com and pledge your planned weight loss!!! It's FREE, and for every pound pledged, a pound of food is donated to your local food bank. Last week I pledged to lose 50 pounds this year.

This is a great cause, promoting a healthy lifestyle for all Americans, whether that means eating less or making sure there's enough food on the table to feed your family. 4,018,678 pounds have been pledged so far. Especially in this recession, this is much needed food for people all over the country. 1 in 8 Americans are affected by hunger, and many of them are children who need food to help them succeed in school and break the hunger cycle in their family. Many of you know that my mom is the director of Knoxville's food bank, Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee, which is part of the parent organization Feeding America. She works everyday to counteract the hunger epidemic in 18 counties in East Tennessee. 1 in 6 East Tennesseans deal with hunger everyday, or 245, 006 people. This is not just a problem in 3rd world countries - it happens RIGHT HERE in America. And you can do something about it - without having to pay a dime! Even if you're only planning to lose 10 pounds - that's 10 pounds of food on a family's table.

Right now Tennessee is in 15th place in the US with pounds pledged, and Texas is in 2nd place!! Texas is one of the fattest states in the country - so go Texans!! No matter what state you are in - every pound counts!! So go and pledge to take that weight off!

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